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I write papers for various reasons, not the least of which is doing this helps me learn. Some of these are full papers, and some are designed as outlines for seminars. You may find them helpful.

These are all PDF files, and they're all public domain. You can either click on the name, and once it's loaded click "File, Save...", or right-click the name and select "Save Target As." These are listed in no particular order. If you have any suggestions, please contact me. Each description has the PDF size and the date of last revision/upload.

Quantum Time and the Replication of Universes - This is a little theory I worked up on how universes could duplicate themselves, 'obeying' the Heisenberg Uncertainly Principle. It's probably all wet, but you might find it fun. 51KB, 6/5/2007

The Lives of Stars - detailed seminar handout. Describes the cradle-to-grave evolution of stars. 38KB 1/9/10.

Exploring Einstein's Special Relativity - detailed seminar handout. Takes you through the consequences of SR, specifically the lack of simultaneity, time dilation and length contraction. 49KB 1/9/10.

The Formation and Contents of our Solar System - detailed seminar handout designed for those who know next to nothing about our Solar System. 23KB 1/9/10.

Nucleosynthesis - detailed seminar handout. Describes how, during and after the Big Bang, all the elements heavier than hydrogen were created. 176KB 1/9/10.

A Practical Example of Energy and Power - one-page paper on how a 100W light bulb is like an infant - small, fragile, and really hungry. 5KB 1/9/10.

The Power of Stars - paper on the unimaginable power output of stars, where this power comes from, and how to interpret star data. 32KB 1/9/10

Black Holes are NOT Monsters - paper on why black holes are not the monsters the sci-fi movies make them out to be. Things could be worse - much worse. 24KB 1/9/10

Albert Einstein - A Perspective in Courage - A story how Einstein needed not only intelligence, but also courage, to reach the pinnacle of General Relativity. 21KB, 1/14/10

Backward Time Travel - An Atomic Paradox - An alternative to the classical paradox of time-traveling into the past. 6KB, 3/31/10



























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