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Center of Milky Way [Infrared]A lot has changed in Tombstone since the 1880's, but the night sky isn't one of them. The way the sky looks tonight is the same as it was on this same date way back then. And the Tombstone area, with its elevation, clear nights, and low humidity and pollution, can show you lots of stars. Some of you may spot the Milky Way for the first time in your life - although you may have to go a ways out of town to see it. Another thing that hasn't changed since the 1880's is the town's light-pollution code (like, there aren't any).

bulletLearning Astronomy - To help promote  and encourage amateur astronomy, I've developed this section. It will lead you on how to get started in amateur astronomy - either "backyard" (visual) or "armchair" (the science).
bulletMy Papers - I do papers from time to time primarily to aid my own learning (it really helps!). I've posted them on this page for those who might benefit from them.
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