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The email address is "morg - at -" (copy and paste it into your To field, and change the "- at -" to a simple "@").

I have to do things this way to keep spammers from harvesting my email address.

If you have to (and I mean have to), you can call me 520-457-3153. But expect to leave a message, and (if it's not long-distance), I'll get back to you. The reason for discouraging you from using the phone is, I hate the phone. If I could get along without one, I would. Do yourself (and me) a favor, and please use email if at all possible.

UPDATE 2023/07/14 With the passing away of this website's author (RIP), the above address and phone are no longer working.
If you really need to send email to the webmaster maintaining it, please use the following address:

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