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It's a town like no other. It's set up as a tourist-friendly old-west town, but it's not a theme park. People don't pay us to dress like this. We just do. Tombstone is one of a kind. It's the last of its kind.

We don't use last names much. Instead, there's "Colorado Bob", "Diamond Jim", "Shoeshine Johnny" and - simply - "Doc".. There's not a single traffic light in the whole city. Everybody's got guns, and no one ever gets shot. Horses are common on Allen Street, and most of that street is off-limits to motor vehicles.

No McDonalds, no KFC, no Walmart, no pollution, no crime. While the rest of the country is rushing into the 21st century, we're trying to hold onto as much of the 19th as we can. Tombstone offers a lifestyle that's easy and pleasant. And when it's gone, there'll be no more. Get it while you can.

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