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The neat thing about the night sky is that you can learn it on so many levels. You can keep things simple, and just learn about visible objects (the Moon, planets, constellations and stars); or you can buy a telescope and look deeper into more of the night sky's wonders; or, you can forgo the outside work and just learn all of the mysteries of the universe and cosmos in the comfort of your own living room using science channel programs and DVD lectures.

bulletDVD Lecture Courses - For armchair (indoor) astronomers. If you're interested in conceptual knowledge of astronomy, there is no better way to learn than a self-paced DVD course (no math or homework required). This page shows you the best way to get conversational knowledge of all the universe, front to back.
bulletBackyard Astronomy  - Outdoor backyard astronomers deal with the visual aspects of the night sky - identifying the constellations, brighter stars, planets, geography of the Moon, and (possibly) locating and viewing these and other deep-sky objects using a telescope of widely-varying sizes and capabilities.

"And young men should know who gaze at the sky
It is you who are wise, only you who are wise."
Those who are Wise
 John Stewart, Kingston Trio, c. 1961
















































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In deciding on an appropriate donation, please keep in mind the cost and maintenance for the equipment and the observatory itself. In Tombstone, generally, a 'show' or 'tour' costs about $7 for adults, but these are for lots of people. Keep in mind you're getting a personalized presentation. If you want a guideline, consider the value of this tour vs. the cost of a good dinner, and how long each will last.

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