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Backyard astronomers deal with the visual aspects of the night sky. This generally falls into three general subcategories, which are listed below. Before you jump in with both feet and go buying a telescope, I really suggest you take your learning experiences - observational and educational - in this order. If the first two things don't impress you - or if you find you don't have the time to explore them - the telescope you buy will wind up in the closet.

bulletThe Moon - There are some beautiful sights here. With nothing more than a pair of 10X30 binoculars, you can see some stunning images.
bulletStargazing - Stargazing is identifying and viewing objects in the night sky with the unaided eye (except, of course, for glasses). Generally, these objects are confined to the Moon, planets, and stars. However, some "deep sky objects" (those beyond the Solar System) can be located with the unaided (but trained) eye. You are limited only by what you can see, which is determined by your own eyes, the condition of the sky, and, regrettably,  light pollution.
bulletTelescope Astronomy - Many backyard astronomers use telescopes for closer-up views of night-sky objects. These come in many types and sizes, and this website covers just the major issues. I refer those interested to the Cloudy Nights website, where you will find all the information you need regarding telescopes from a very helpful membership.















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