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The Teaching Company DVD Lectures
My Favorite Universe
Prof. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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This is one of the lowest-cost lectures from The Teaching Company, which makes it a good 'jumping off point' for you to see the benefits of this approach.

This is a delightful 12-lecture course from Prof. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, of the Hayden Planetarium. Those of you who hawk the science channels will certainly recognize him. From your standpoint, this is an excellent, and low-cost, introduction on what the Teaching Company DVD courses can do for you.

Although it's only 12 lectures (c. 6 hours), and only hits the 'high points', you're certain to find them not only entertaining, but educational. Prof. Tyson discusses some very basic properties of the cosmos that every amateur astronomer should know, at least to the conceptual level, and this DVD course goes a long way to accomplishing that.

The following is the sequence of lectures.

1.On Being Round 2.On Being Rarefied 3.On Being Dense 4.Death by Black Hole 5.Ends of the World 6.Coming Attractions 7.Onward to the Edge 8.In Defense of the Big Bang 9.The Greatest Story Ever Told 10.Forged in the Stars 11.The Search for Planets 12.The Search for Life in the Universe